Verifying the integrity of a recovery point

If you selected the Verify recovery point after creation option on the Options page of the Define Backup wizard, the following occurs:

  • Norton Ghost verifies that all of the files that make up the recovery point are available for you to open

  • Internal data structures in the recovery point are matched with the data that is available

Also, the recovery point can be uncompressed to create the expected amount of data (if you selected a compression level at the time of creation).


The time that is required to create a recovery point is doubled when you use the Verify recovey point after creation option.

If you prefer, you can have recovery points automatically verified for integrity at the time they are created.

To verify the integrity of a recovery point

  1. On the Tools page, click Run Recovery Point Browser.

  2. Select a recovery point, and then click OK.

  3. In the tree panel of the Recovery Point Browser, select the recovery point.

    For example: C_Drive001.v2i.

  4. On the File menu, click Verify Recovery Point.

    If the Verify Recovery Point option is unavailable, you must first dismount the recovery point. Right-click the recovery point and click Dismount Recovery Point.

  5. When the validation is complete, click OK.

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