Backup destination options

The following table describes the options on the Backup Destination Page.

Table: Backup destination options



Folder field

Indicates the location where you want to store the recovery points.

If Norton Ghost detects that this location does not have enough available space, it alerts you. You should choose another location that has more space.


The Edit button only becomes active if you have selected a backup destination that is on a network. If the backup destination is on a network, you can click the Edit button to bring up a dialog where you can specify the necessary user name and password for network access. This also applies if you want to save the recovery point on a network share.

See About network credentials.

Customize recovery point file names

Allows you to rename the recovery point. To rename a recovery point click Rename and then type a new file name.

Default file names include the name of the computer followed by the drive letter.


Allows you to add up to two Offsite Copy destinations.

Offsite Copy automatically copies your latest recovery points each time a backup completes to either a portable storage device, such as an external drive, or to a remote server either through a local area network connection or to a remote FTP server.

See About Offsite Copy.

Backup destination options