Recovery point type options

Recovery point set and Independent recovery point are the two recovery point type options that are available. Each option type is described in the table below.

Table: Recovery point type options



Recovery point set (recommended)

Schedules a base recovery point with additional recovery points that contain only incremental changes that were made to your computer since the previous recovery point.

Incremental recovery points are created faster than the base recovery point. They also use less storage space than an independent recovery point.


You can only have one recovery point set defined for each drive. The Recovery Point Set option is not available if you have already assigned a selected drive to an existing backup and specified Recovery Point Set as the recovery point type. This option also is unavailable if you select an unmounted drive that cannot be part of a recovery point set.

Independent recovery point

Creates a complete, independent copy of the drives that you select. This backup type typically requires more storage space, especially if you run the backup multiple times.

Recovery point type options