About backing up other computers from your computer

Norton Ghost lets you connect to, and back up a second computer on your home or your office network. You can manage as many computers as needed, but you can only manage one computer at a time.


You must purchase a separate license for each computer you want to manage. You can deploy the agent without a license for a 60-day evaluation. After that time, you must purchase and install the license to continue managing the remote computer. You can purchase additional licenses at the Symantec Global Store. Visit the following Web site:


First, you add a computer’s name or IP address to the Computer List. Then, you deploy the Norton Ghost Agent to the remote computer. After the agent is installed, the computer automatically restarts. After the computer restarts, you can then connect to the computer. When you do, the Norton Ghost product interface changes to reflect the status of the remote computer. At any time, you can switch back to manage your local computer.

About backing up other computers from your computer