About best practices for using services

The following table describes some best practices for using services.

Table: Best practices for using services

Best practice


Check the Events tab first before using Services.

The Events tab in the Advanced view can help you to track down the source of a problem, particularly when it is associated with the Norton Ghost Agent. You should view the most recent log entries in the Events tab for more information about the potential causes of the problem.

Verify that the Norton Ghost Agent starts without user intervention.

The Norton Ghost Agent is configured to start automatically when Norton Ghost starts. You can view the status information to verify that the Norton Ghost Agent has started. The Status area in the Task pane displays a Ready status message when the agent starts.

You can also test that the Norton Ghost Agent is starting automatically by looking in Services. You can check the status and restart the service if necessary. If the Startup type is set to automatic, you should restart the agent.

See Starting or stopping the Norton Ghost Agent service.

Use caution when changing default settings for the Norton Ghost Agent.

Changing the default Norton Ghost Agent properties can prevent Norton Ghost from running correctly. You should use caution when changing the default Startup type and Log On settings of the Norton Ghost Agent. It is configured to start and log on automatically when you start Norton Ghost .

About best practices for using services