Preparing to copy drives

Before you can copy drives, you must have the hardware configured correctly.

To prepare to copy drives

  1. Do all of the following:

    • Prepare the computer.

    • Get the manufacturer’s directions for installing the drive.

    • Shut down the computer, and then disconnect the power cord.

    • Discharge electricity by touching a grounded metal object.

    • Remove the computer cover.

  2. Change the jumper settings on the hard drive to make the new hard drive the slave drive, or connect it as the slave drive if you are using cable select instead of jumper settings to determine the master and slave drives.

  3. Do the following to attach the new hard drive:

    • Connect the cable so that the colored stripe on the edge lines up with the I/O pins on the motherboard.

      The motherboard is marked Pin1 or 1 where the colored stripe should go.

    • Connect the other end of the cable to the back of the hard drive, and match the striped edge with the I/O pin position on the drive itself.

      The I/O pin is usually on the side closest to the power supply.

  4. Attach the power connector to the new hard drive.

    Make sure that the angled edge of the plastic connector lines up with the angled edge of the pin socket.

  5. Anchor the drive in the bay area according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  6. Do the following to change the BIOS settings to recognize the new hard drive:

    • Open the BIOS setup. As the computer starts, watch the computer screen for instructions on how to open the BIOS setup.

    • Select Auto Detect for both the master and slave drives.

    • Save the BIOS changes, and then exit.

      Your computer will restart automatically.

Preparing to copy drives