Mounting a recovery point from Windows Explorer

You can also manually mount a recovery point as a drive by opening your backup destination folder in Windows Explorer.

You can use Windows Explorer to search the contents of the recovery point. For example, if you cannot remember where a particular file was originally stored, you can use the Explorer search feature to locate the file, just as you would locate a file on your hard drive.

To mount a recovery point from Windows Explorer

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to a recovery point.

    The recovery point is located in the storage location that you selected when you defined your backup.

  2. Right-click the recovery point, and then click Mount.

  3. In the Mount Recovery Point window, under the Drive Label column, select the drive that you want to mount.

  4. In the Drive letter list, select the letter that you want to associate with the drive.

  5. Click OK.

  6. To mount additional drives, repeat steps 1-5 above.

Mounting a recovery point from Windows Explorer