Adjusting default tray icon settings

You can turn the system tray icon on or off and specify whether to show only error messages when they occur, or to show both error messages and other information, such as the completion of a backup.

To adjust default tray icon settings

  1. In Norton Ghost, on the menu bar, click Tasks > Options.

  2. Click Tray Icon and select one of the following:

    Show system tray icon

    Displays the Norton Ghost icon in the system tray.

    You must select this option to enable or disable any of the remaining options.

    Show missed backups

    Notifies you when a backup was scheduled but did not run.

    This can happen when your computer was turned off at the time a backup was scheduled to run.

    Show system tray questions

    Offers helpful prompts in the form of questions that can help you keep your data backed up.

    Show status messages

    Displays messages about the status of backup operations, such as notifying that a backup has started, or that your backup destination is getting full.

    Show error messages

    Displays error messages when errors occur so that you can resolve any issues that might hinder data protection.

  3. Click OK.

Adjusting default tray icon settings