Enabling email notifications for product (event) messages

Email notifications can be sent to a specified email address if there are any errors or warnings that occurred when a backup is run.


If you do not have an SMTP server, this feature is unavailable to you.

Notifications can also be sent to the system event log and a custom log file located in the Agent folder of the product installation.

If notifications are not delivered, check the setup of your SMTP server to ensure that it functions properly.

To enable email notifications for product (event) messages

  1. In Norton Ghost, on the menu bar, click Tasks > Options.

  2. Under Notifications, click SMTP E-mail.

  3. Click the Select the priority and type of messages list and select the priority level at which an email should be sent.

    All messages Send all messages, regardless of priority levels.
    Medium and high priority messages Send only medium and high priority messages.
    High priority messages only Send only high priority messages.
    No messages Do not send any messages, regardless of priority levels.
  4. Select one or more of the following options:

    • Errors

    • Warnings

    • Information

  5. In the To address text box, type the email address (for example, admin@domain.com) where notifications are to be sent.

  6. Optionally, type the email address of the sender in the From address text field.

    If you do not specify a From address, the name of the product is used.

  7. In the SMTP server text box, type the path to the SMTP server that sends the email notification (for example, smtpserver.domain.com).

  8. From the SMTP Authentication drop-down box, select the method to use to authenticate to the specified SMTP server.

  9. Enter your SMTP user name and password.

    If you are not sure what your user name and password are, contact a system administrator.

  10. Click OK.

Enabling email notifications for product (event) messages