Selecting a default backup destination

You can specify the default destination for storing recovery points and file and folder backup data created when you run a backup. This default location is used if you do not specify a different location when you define a new backup.

To select a default backup destination

  1. In Norton Ghost, on the menu bar, click Tasks > Options.

  2. Click General.

  3. Select Prepend computer name to backup data file names.

    This is especially useful if you back up more than one computer to the same drive. For example, you might back up a laptop and a desktop computer to the same USB or network drive. By prepending the computer name to each backup data file name, you can more easily identify which backup data files belong to which computer.

  4. Select Save backup files to a unique subfolder if you want Norton Ghost to create a new subfolder that will serve as your backup destination.


    The new subfolder is given the same name as your computer. For example, if your computer name is “MyLaptop”, the new subfolder would be named \MyLaptop.

  5. Enter a path to a folder where you want to store recovery points and file and folder backup data, or click Browse to look for a location.

    You cannot use an encrypted folder as your backup destination. If you want to encrypt your backup data to prevent another user from accessing it, refer to the Advanced options when you define or edit a backup.

  6. If you entered the path to a location on a network, enter the user name and password required to authenticate to the network.

  7. Click OK.

Selecting a default backup destination