Using nicknames for external drives

When you choose an external drive for use with Norton Ghost as either a backup destination or an Offsite Copy destination, it can become confusing if you are using more than one drive, especially when the assigned drive letter changes each time you plug in the drive.

To help you manage these destinations, Norton Ghost lets you assign a nickname to each external drive. Doing so does not change the drive label, but is for use only when you are accessing those drives from within Norton Ghost.

For example, you might be swapping out two different external drives used as Offsite Copy destinations during any given week. Depending on the drive labels assigned to each drive and whether or not the drive letter previously assigned has changed, it could become confusing as to which drive you are using at any given time.

However, by associating unique nicknames to each drive, then as you use the drive with Norton Ghost, the nicknames you assigned appear in various locations in Norton Ghost.


It is also a good idea to place physical labels on each external drive to help you manage the task of swapping the drives.

For example, if you assigned the nickname, “Cathy Read” to one drive, and “Thomas Read” to a second drive, their nicknames appear in Norton Ghost whenever the drives are plugged in to your computer.

See About Offsite Copy.

To make it even easier, the Options dialog box lets you see all of your drive nicknames in one view. From this view, you can remove or edit existing names.

To remove or edit external drive nicknames

  1. In Norton Ghost, on the menu bar, click Tasks > Options.

  2. Under Destinations, click External Drives.

  3. Select an external drive from the list and then do one of the following:

    • Click Remove to delete the nickname associated with the external drive.

    • Click Rename to edit the nickname.

Using nicknames for external drives