About drive-based backups

When you run a drive-based backup, a snapshot of everything is taken and stored on your computer’s hard disk. Each snapshot is stored on your computer as a recovery point. A recovery point is a point in time that is used to restore your computer back to the way it was when the recovery point was created.

The types of recovery points are as follows:

Independent recovery point (.v2i)

Creates a complete, independent copy of the drives that you select. This backup type typically requires more storage space.

Recovery point set (.iv2i)

Includes a base recovery point. A base recovery point is a complete copy of your entire drive, and is similar to an independent recovery point. The recovery point set also includes recovery points that capture only the changes that are made to your computer since the creation of the base recovery point.

Although you can recover files and folders from a drive-based backup, you cannot select a specific set of files or folders to back up. Your entire hard drive is backed up.

About drive-based backups