Improving the protection level of a drive

When the status of a drive-based backup indicates that it needs attention, you should take steps to improve the status.

You might need to add a drive to an existing backup, edit the schedule of a backup, edit the settings of a backup, or define a new backup.

See Best practices for backing up.

To improve the protection level of a drive

  1. On the Status page, select a drive that requires attention from the Drives column.

  2. In the Status section at the bottom of the page, right-click the backup you want to edit, and then select one of the following menu items:

    Run Backup Now

    Runs the selected backup job immediately.

    Run Backup With Options

    Opens the Run Backup With Options dialog, which lets you select the desired recovery point type. Recovery point option types include Incremental recovery point, Recovery point set, and Independent recovery point.

    Change Schedule

    Opens the Run When dialog so that you can edit the backup schedule.

    Edit Settings

    Opens the Define Backup Wizard, which lets you edit the backup definition.

    This option takes you to the second page of the wizard.

    Edit Offsite

    Opens the Offsite Copy Settings dialog, where you can edit or change settings for the Offsite Copy feature.

    Remove Backup Job

    Deletes the backup that you have selected.

    When you delete a backup, only the backup definition is deleted. The backup data is not deleted (for example, the recovery points or the file and folder backup data).

    Disable (Enable) Backup

    Turns on or turns off the backup that you have selected.

    Define New Backup

    Opens the Define Backup Wizard, where you can select between backing up your computer or backing up selected files and folders.

    This option is useful if a drive in the Drives column is not yet assigned to a backup. By selecting a drive that is assigned to an existing backup, you have access to this short-cut method for starting the Define Backup Wizard from the Status page.

    Manage Backup Destination

    Opens the Manage Backup Destination dialog, where you can specify destination drives as well as delete, copy, or explore existing recovery points on destination drives.

    Customize Status Reporting

    Opens the Customize Status Reporting window, where you can specify if you want status reporting, and the type of status reporting.

See Editing backup settings.

Improving the protection level of a drive