Getting a static IP address

If you want to restore a recovery point that is located on a network drive or share, but you are unable to map a drive or browse to the drive/share on the network (usually caused by the lack of an available DHCP service), you can assign a unique static IP address to the computer that is running the recovery environment. You can then map to the network drive or share.

To get a static IP address

  1. In the Network Adapter Configuration box, click Use the following IP address.

  2. Specify a unique IP address and subnet mask for the computer that you want to restore.

    Be sure that the subnet mask matches the subnet mask of the network segment.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Click Close to return to the recovery environment’s main menu.

  5. In the Network pane, click Ping a Remote Computer.

  6. Type the address of the computer that you want to ping on the network segment.

  7. Click OK.

    If you specified a computer name or a computer name and domain as the address method, make note of the IP address that is returned from the computer that you pinged.

    If communication to the storage computer is operating as expected, you can use the Map Network Drive utility to map a drive to the recovery point location.

Getting a static IP address