Recovering a computer from a virtual disk file

Using the recovery environment, you can recover your computer from within a virtual disk file (.vmdk or .vhd). If you have a virtual disk for the hard drives that you want to recover, you can fully recover your computer or other hard drive back to the state it was in when the original virtual disk was created.

See Recovering a computer.

To recover a computer from a virtual disk file

  1. Start the computer by using the Symantec Recovery Disk CD.

  2. On the Home panel, click Recover My Computer.

  3. On the Welcome page of the wizard, click Next.

  4. In the View recovery points by list, select Filename and then do the following:

    • Click Browse.

    • Locate and select a virtual disk file (.vmdk or .vhd), and then click Open.

    • If necessary, click Map a network drive.

      Specify a shared network folder path and assign it a drive letter. You can then browse the folder location for the virtual disk file you want.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select the target drive where you want to restore the virtual disk.

  7. Optionally, do any of the following:

    • Click Delete Drive.

      Delete a selected drive in the list to make space available to restore your virtual disk.

      When you click Delete Drive, the drive is only marked for deletion. The actual deletion of the drive takes place after you click Finish in the wizard.

    • Click Undo Delete.

      If you delete a drive and then change your mind, click Undo Delete to return the drive to the list.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Select the options that you want to perform during the recovery process.

    See Virtual disk recovery options.

    The options that are available depend on the target drive that you selected earlier.

  10. Click Next to review the recovery options that you selected.

  11. Select Reboot when finished if you want the computer to restart automatically after the recovery process finishes.

  12. Click Finish.

  13. Click Yes to begin the recovery process.

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