Starting a computer by using Symantec Recovery Disk

The Symantec Recovery Disk CD lets you start a computer that can no longer run the Windows operating system. Symantec Recovery Disk is included with Norton Ghost. When you boot your computer using the Symantec Recovery Disk CD, a simplified version of Windows starts that runs a recovery environment. In the recovery environment, you can access the recovery features of Norton Ghost.


Depending on which version of the product you have purchased, Symantec Recovery Disk is either included on your product CD, or as a separate CD. You should place the CD containing Symantec Recovery Disk in a safe place. See If driver validation fails in the Norton Ghostâ„¢ User’s Guide.


Symantec Recovery Disk requires a minimum of 512 MB of RAM to run. If your computer’s video card is configured to share your computer’s RAM, you might need more than 512 MB of RAM.

Also, if you are installing a multilingual version of the product, you must have a minimum of 768 MB of RAM to run Symantec Recovery Disk.

To start a computer by using Symantec Recovery Disk

  1. If you store your recovery points on a USB device, attach the device now (for example, an external hard drive).


    You should attach the device before you restart the computer. Otherwise, Symantec Recovery Disk might not detect it.

  2. Insert the Symantec Recovery Disk CD into the media drive of the computer.

    If Norton Ghost was installed by your computer manufacturer, the recovery environment already could be installed on your computer’s hard drive. Either watch your computer monitor after the computer restarts for on-screen instructions, or refer to your manufacturer’s documentation.

  3. Restart the computer.

    If you cannot start the computer from the CD, you might need to change the startup settings on your computer.

  4. As soon as you see the prompt Press any key to boot from CD, press a key to start Symantec Recovery Disk.


    You must watch for this prompt. It can come and go quickly. If you miss the prompt, you must restart your computer again.

  5. Read the license agreement, and then click Accept.

    If you decline, you cannot start Symantec Recovery Disk, and your computer will restart.

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