Configuring a computer to boot from a CD

To run Symantec Recovery Disk, you must be able to start your computer using a CD.

To configure a computer to boot from a CD

  1. Turn on your computer.

  2. As the computer starts, watch the bottom of the screen for a prompt that tells you how to access the BIOS setup.

    Generally, you need to press the Delete key or a function key to start your computer’s BIOS setup program.

  3. In the BIOS setup window, select Boot Sequence, and then press Enter.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to make the CD or DVD device be the first bootable device in the list.

  5. Put your Symantec Recovery Disk CD into the CD drive, and then restart your computer.


    Depending on which version of the product you have purchased, Symantec Recovery Disk is either included on your product CD, or as a separate CD. You should place the CD containing Symantec Recovery Disk in a safe place. Should you lose the CD, you can create a new one if you have have a CD burner.

  6. Save the changes and exit the BIOS setup to restart the computer with the new settings.

  7. Press any key to start Symantec Recovery Disk.

    When you start your computer with the Symantec Recovery Disk CD in the drive, you will see a prompt telling you to Press any key to boot from CD. If you do not press a key within five seconds, your computer will attempt to start from the next bootable device listed in the BIOS.


    Watch carefully as the computer starts. If you miss the prompt, the computer will need to be restarted again.

Configuring a computer to boot from a CD