Enabling event-triggered backups

Norton Ghost can detect certain events and run a backup when they occur.

For example, to protect your computer when you install new software, Norton Ghost can run a backup when it detects that new software is about to be installed. If a problem occurs that harms your computer, you can use this recovery point to restore your computer to its previous state.

You can configure Norton Ghost to automatically run a backup when the following events occur:

  • Any application is installed.

  • A specified application is started.

  • Any user logs on to Windows.

  • Any user logs off of Windows.

  • The data that was added to a drive exceeds a specified number of megabytes.

    This option is unavailable for file and folder backups.

To enable event-triggered backups

  1. On the Home or Tasks page, click Run or Manage Backups.

  2. Select the backup you want to edit, and then click Change Schedule.

  3. Click General under Event Triggers.

  4. Select the events you want detected, and then click OK.

Enabling event-triggered backups