Running a backup with options

If you want to quickly run an existing drive-based backup, but you want the backup to create an alternate type of recovery point, use the Run Backup With Options feature.

This is a unique option in that if you run an existing backup job, the recovery point created is dictated by the type of recovery point that was created the last time the backup job was run. Use this option to create an alternate recovery point type.


Using this option does not change the settings of the defined backup. To do that, you must open the backup and edit its settings manually.

To run a backup with options

  1. On the Home page, click Run or Manage Backups.

  2. In the Run or Manage Backups window, select the drive-based backup job that you want to run.

  3. Click Tasks > Run Backup With Options.

  4. Select the desired options on the Run Backup With Options page.


    Depending on the current state of the backup, one or more options might be disabled. For example, if you have not yet run the backup, you cannot select the first option, Incremental recovery point of recent changes, because the base recovery point has not yet been created.

    See Backup options.

  5. Click OK to run the backup job and create the recovery point type you selected.

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