Verifying that a backup is successful

After a backup completes, you can validate the success of the backup from the Status page to ensure you have a way to recover lost or damaged data.

The Status page contains a scrolling calendar that is aligned with each drive on your computer. The calendar lets you quickly identify when a backup ran, and what type of backup it was. It also identifies upcoming, scheduled backups.

See Monitoring backup protection from the Status page.


When you define a drive-based backup, you should select the option to verify the recovery point after it is created.

Depending on the amount of data being backed up, this can significantly increase the time it takes to complete the backup. However, it can ensure that you have a valid recovery point when the backup finishes.

To verify that a backup is successful

  1. On the Status page, review the Backups calendar, and verify that the backup appears on the date that you ran it.

  2. Move your mouse over a backup icon to review the status of the backup.

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